Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone!

I am back to blogging but this time I am taking a more hands on approach at it. I have tried beauty blogging, I've tried lifestyle blogging and I could never manage to stay on top of what I wanted. Which was a post everyday. It's extremely difficult to do when unfortunately this isn't my full-time job. However I am very excited to announce this new blog, The DIY Diary.

In this blog I plan on creating how-to's and tutorials on a bunch of projects. These projects will include:

• Cooking
• Baking
• Furniture Building
• Illustration
• Photo Editing
• General Crafts
• Fashion Hacks
• Beauty Items
...and more

I plan on posting about one to two times a week. Depending on the complexity of the DIY I choose to do. The majority of the DIY's will also include a video showing you step by step how to create that item along with a photo post for the blog. So whichever you prefer to use you may. Really if you want to use both- knock yourself out. 

Now apart of this I am also taking suggestions. I already have a ton of projects lined up but I am doing this blog not only for myself but the viewers as well. So if you ever want to leave a suggestion or even a theme, I definitely appreciate it.

I look forward to working with all of you and thanks for stopping by!