Do It Yourself: Etched Glass

Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks DIY. Glass etching is probably the easiest DIY to do now that we have etching creams but it can be one of the hardest processes depending on what you would like to etch. Simple lines and patterns will be easier than intricate designs. It is extremely fun and a fantastic way to customize anything so get creative!

What you Need:

• rubbing alcohol
• cotton pads
• paper towels
• bowl for etching cream
• etching cream (I used Martha Stewarts Brand- it's not the cheapest at $35 but it was all I could find)
• glass bottle, cup, vase, etc. (whatever you want to etch)
• pencil
• brush for etching cream
• exacto knife
• self-adhesive paper (found at walmart for $10)
• and a ruler if your design requires it

1. What you will want to do first is take the rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and clean the surface you plan on working with. Once you have wiped the area free from any dust, dirt and oil, carefully dry the surface with paper towel. Remember to not touch the surface directly with your hands to avoid any unwanted oils. This will allow the paper and etching cream to stick nicely to the surface.

2. Decide on your design. This is completely up to you. I would recommend if you have a small surface to trace the area onto your paper so you know the space you're working with. It is also easier to work with flat surfaces so when you are starting out try to find something that isn't too round. This will make your stencil sit nicely on the surface.

3. Once you have decided on your design and are happy with how it looks, cut out the stencil. This is the trickiest part in my opinion.  If you have a swivel blade handy this will make curves easier but if you don't, just take it slow and be careful.

4. Once your design is cut out carefully peel and stick your design to the surface you are working on. Make sure it is pressed down firmly especially along the edges of your design to prevent bleeding.

5. Take your etching cream and pour a little in the bowl. You will only need about the size of a quarter and a half - or for my fellow Canadians a loonie sized amount. Take your brush (if you buy the Martha Stewart brand it comes with one) and brush the cream onto your design. You want the cream to be thick and even. It's okay to put a little too much cream on, since too much is better than too little.

6. Set your timer for 15-minutes and let the cream set.

7. Once the 15-minutes are over. Peel off your adhesive paper and run the surface under cold water. It is okay to rub the cream off while under the water with your hands as it has already set. This will remove any extra cream.

8. Once your surface is clean and dried you will be able to see your etched design and you can now display it as you see fit!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I didn't make a video for this one, on account it is very hard to film. I am buying a new tripod today to aid me in my DIY makings!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!