Do It Yourself: Banana Mango Smoothie

Hello Everyone! I am back with a quick and easy DIY smoothie recipe. I really like to have smoothies either in the morning or after a little workout. This is just one of the ones that I make myself. On an unrelated side note - I am extremely excited for the warmer weather to come, as I have multiple DIY's planned but need the outside to be warmer to complete them, and unfortunately in Canada, it is still snowing.

Now back to the recipe! For this you will need:

• 1 small Banana
• 1 cup chopped Mango (I used frozen mango - pre-cut)
• 1 cup of Greek Yogurt (or milk)
• 1 tbsp Honey

Now I have a lot of digestion issues so smoothies are a really good go to for me for necessary nutrients and fibre. Mangos are known for having amazing health benefits, including a good source of dietary fibre, 50% of your vitamin A intake and have immune boosting capabilities. Bananas are also beneficial as they increase your energy, are rich in soluble fibre which is one of the best fibres to focus on when aiding in digestion and they also help normalize your blood sugar. Now I chose Greek Yogurt in my smoothie because it's a great source of probiotics. Probiotics are a bacteria that helps balance the good and the bad bacteria found in the colon. If you prefer not to use yogurt however, milk works just fine. Finally honey is a nice a natural way to add sugar to your smoothie. So now that we went through the benefits of all the ingredients, lets get start.

1. Chop up your banana into small pieces.

2. If you are using fresh mango, dice your mango. I used frozen mango and let it thaw so it wasn't completely frozen. You will need a cup of this.

3. Combine your banana and mango together in your blender and blend together.

4. Once blended, add in one cup of greek yogurt (or milk) and 1 tbsp of honey.

5. Blend together until completely smooth.

6. Pour and serve.

If you would like to watch the video click here:

Thank you so much for reading and watching. I will see you in the next DIY!