Kids Craft Corner: Handprint Owls

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my very first "Kids Craft Corner", in this segment I will be posting  a video every one to two weeks where they are crafts that you can do with your children or that your children can do by themselves!

This week is "Handprint Owls" which makes an adorable little gift for Mother's Day coming up on May 11th. Depending on the age of your child this is easy enough for them to do alone, and it can be done with younger children as well.

Thanks to Misty Blue from Us & Him for volunteering her lovely daughter Brynn to be my assistant. Brynn is 9 months old and the end result turned out absolutely adorable. If you want to know more about Misty and her family click the link above.

Now let's get into this craft!

What You'll Need:

• Scrapbook paper or canvas
• Craft paint
• Sponge or paintbrushes
• Paper plates for mixing paint

The Project:

1. Begin by mixing your paint to your desired shade. I wanted a grey/blue colour for my owl so I mixed some navy/black with white paint. This step you can do yourself or it makes a great opportunity to begin teaching children about the colour wheel and how to mix certain colours to get others.

2. Once you're happy with your paint colours, you can either paint their hand or have them dip their hand in paint and put it down where they would like their owl to sit.

3. Once you have your owl, let it dry for a little bit. Get your kids to go wash their hands off and by the time they get back they can start adding details. They can add branches, leaves, a sun, clouds, grass, anything they want to their portrait. They can also give the owl a face and a beak.

5. Once you're happy with your owl you're finished! Once it's completely dried you can also frame it and have the kids give it to their moms on mothers day.

Another nice thing is the kids add their name in the bottom corner. They can also add any saying or phrases they may want. Let them customize it however they please, this is what makes it truly special.

If you'd like to watch the video click here:

I hope you enjoyed this Kids Craft Corner and I will see you in the next one!