Ten Dollar Tuesday: String Art

Hey Everyone! Todays Ten Dollar Tuesday is String Art, a really simple and cute way to add an accent to your home. It is also completely customizable which I love because you can really make it for you.

I purchased the piece of wood, the nails and the string all at the dollar store. I even purchased the hammer for a dollar at Target. That brings this entire DIY to $4. I chose to paint my piece of wood, you can buy craft pain for $2 so if you painted yours like I did it would bring it up to $6.

What you Need:

• Piece of wood
• String
• Nails
• Hammer

and optionally craft paint.

How To:

1. If you want to paint your wood start with that and let it sit overnight.

2. Draw and cut out a template of your choice. If you want to use the same one I did you can save the image below. Once you have your template place it in the centre of your wood and hammer in a nail and the top and the bottom of the template. You will be using this as your guide.

3. Now take your hammer and nail and lightly tap around the design making marks. I found that the template would slide around and this was the easiest way to get your design. I spaced mine out 2 cm apart, but the spacing is completely up to you.

4. Once you have your initial marks, hammer in your nails.

5. Once you're down, tie a knot down at the base of your design and begin to weave around your nails. There is no real method to this just go back and forth up and down and around the outline. This is going to require multiple layers to get your desired look.

6. Once you're happy with how it looks, tie a knot and tuck the piece of string so it's out of view.

And you're finished! If you'd like to watch the video for a better idea click here:

Thank you for reading and watching and I'll see you in the next one!