Do It Yourself: Shea Butter Soap

Hello Everyone! I have always wanted to make soap, but I hadn't ever attempted it until now, and I have to say it's surprisingly easy! I made it shortly before Mother's Day with a friend and not only is it soft but it also smells amazing! So let's get started!

You Will Need:

• A Soap Base (I got mine for $16.99, which is a ton of soap - make sure to get the Shea Butter one)
• A Mould (We picked up the floral design, my friend said it reminded her of 'Beauty and the Beast' and I couldn't agree more.)
• Colouring  (They usually sell these in packs of three which is awesome)
• A Scent (You can use any essential oil or even mix a few)
• Rubbing Alcohol
• Spray Bottle
• Measuring Cup (I recommend a Pyrex one)
• Popsicle Sticks

optionally: Lavender Leaves for extra scent.

What to Do:

1. Begin by filling your mould with water. Do one mould at a time, and pour the water into the measuring cup. This will give you the measurement needed to fill your mould.

2. Once you have your measurement, begin to dice up your soap. Use a kitchen knife, a cheaper one is best. Be careful with this and use two hands. For our moulds it took roughly 2.5 blocks of the soap.

3. In your measuring cup or a microwaveable bowl heat the soap for 30 seconds and stir. If you need to heat up the soap some more to melt it completely you can do so at 10 second intervals.

4. Once melted you can add your scent. You want to add your scent first since the oils can affect the colour if added last. There is no exact measurement to this, simply add some until you like the scent. Stir the mixture well.

5. If you want lavender leaves added for extra scent or texture you can add them now, and stir.

6. Next add your colouring. I found that you can only add so much, the colours we got didn't get too deep, but I like pastels so it worked. Again like the scent this is a personal preference, add until you get your desired shade and then stir.

7. Pour your mixture into your mould.

8. Once poured take your spray bottle and fill with rubbing alcohol, give your soap a light spray, holding the bottle about a foot away. This will take away any bubbles that are on your soap.

9. Let your soap sit for 40 minutes to cure. Once cured apply light pressure to the mold. Your soap will pop out. If you put too much pressure however you will dent the soap since it's quite soft. I found for Shea Butter soap it worked best in a mould that was dense and thick.

You're finished! This DIY makes for an amazing gift, party favour or even just your own personal use. I am definitely going to be making more soap, it was that easy!

Want to watch the video? Click here:

Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one!