Ten Dollar Tuesday: Accent Bowl

Hey Everyone! This is possibly the easiest DIY I have done, but it produces amazing results! I am a huge fan of accent bowls or centre pieces on my coffee table, but you could use this as a centre piece on your dining table or for a wedding. It is extremely cost effective and so unique.

You Will Need:

• A Bowl (I bought mine at Value Village for $2.99)
• A Stand (Mine is a candle holder that I bought at Value Village for $0.50)
• Glue Gun and Glue (I had mine already but you can get these for $3)
• Spray Paint (I got mine from Walmart for $2.99)

If you have to purchase a glue gun it makes it a little more expensive ($9.48) but this DIY only cost me $6.48.

What To Do:

1. Start by cleaning your bowl and stand. Make sure it's free from any dust or residue. It's been sitting on a self at a thrift store for awhile, it could use a good clean.

2. Take your stand and position it in the centre of your bowl. Once you like the placement glue along the rim of the stand and press into place. Hold for about 30 seconds and it will be secure.

tip: I found a bowl that I liked first, roughly about a foot diameter, and began to place candle holders and small cups underneath and stepped back. Try to look at the unit as a whole. This will allow you to find two elements that will work well together.

3. Once glued, take your piece to a well ventilated area and spray paint. Use thin and multiple coats. Let dry for about 5 minutes before turning over to spray the bottom.

4. I let mine sit for an hour just to let it settle but once it's dry you're finished! Load it up with your favourite potpourri or flowers.

Want to watch the video? Click here:

Thank you so much for reading and watching! I will see you in the next one!