Ten Dollar Tuesday: Chalkboard Magnet

Hello Everyone! Welcome back for another Ten Dollar Tuesday! How exciting. I am really enjoying this series so I hope you are too. Today we are going to be making a chalkboard magnet, easy enough but the outcome is super adorable. I think I am going to use mine either for a grocery list or to do cute little quotes. So let's get started!

You Will Need:

•  A Plate (I purchased mine at Value Village (thrift shop) for $1.99, they had a ton of different ones and different designs so you won't have any problem finding one yourself)

• Chalkboard Paint (I purchased mine at Michaels and it was the Martha Stewart brand which was pricier but I fell in love with the colour so it cost me $6.99 for a huge amount, you however can buy a bunch of different colours for $2.09)

• A Sponge (You can get these anywhere, Michaels had them for $0.67)

• Magnets (I got mine again at Michaels for $2.47)

• Glue Gun and Glue (Can be purchased for $1 at any dollar store)

an optionally

• Spray Paint (I bought mine at Walmart for $2.99, I am on a gold kick so I wanted it to match)

That brings everything to a total of $7.22 or $8.22 if you need the glue gun. The spray paint and my paint choice make it slightly over $10 but if you really like the paint colour I did it's the Martha Stewart chalkboard paint in the colour "Blue".

What To Do:

1. If you're like me and wanted to spruce up your plate with a different colour of pain, start by cleaning your plate. If you purchased it from the thrift shop it's probably a little dusty and you want your paint to settle nicely. Once cleaned, take your plate to a well ventilated area and do thin and multiple coats. If you have outdoor space that's best. Just lay down paper, cardboard or a garbage bag and paint. Once you have a good coating let the plate dry for one hour before continuing.

2. Take your sponge and chalkboard paint and start to paint the flat area of your plate. You can either free hand the edges or use painters tape. I personally like the look of it free handed. It looks unique and eclectic.

3. Once your first coat is done, set aside for one hour before continuing onto coat number two. You have to do a minimum of two coats to get the desired effect. I personally did three coats.

4. Once you're done your last coat, set your plate aside to dry overnight.

5. The next day get your glue gun and magnets ready. Adhere the magnets to the back of the plate. Because my plate was metal my magnets naturally stuck to it, but I wanted them to be adhered permanently so I glued them down. To make the plate sit even I did 4 magnets on the back.

6. To get the paint ready, it suggests you roll the chalk over the surface of the paint. I simply turned it on it's side and covered the area and then wiped it clean.

7. You're finished! Write whatever messages or lists you want and enjoy this cute little decoration.

Want to watch the video? Click here:

So what would you use your chalkboard magnet for? Leave me a comment down below.

I hope you enjoyed this Ten Dollar Tuesday and I'll see ya in the next one!