Ten Dollar Tuesday: Painted Plates

Hey Everyone! I am bringing a super easy and fun DIY for this Tuesday, it is a perfect project to do for a dinner party, to spruce up your plates, for a wedding or even for a craft with kids. You can create any kind of design you want and you can make your plates completely custom to your style. If you're doing this with a child it makes a wonderful keep sake. When I was younger, for my birthday one year we all painted plates and got to take ours home once they were cured. It was the best and longest lasting present. My parents still have the plate today. So let's jump right in to this DIY!

You Will Need:
• A Plate (You can either use an existing plate like I did, or buy some at the thrift store, or even a whole set at Walmart or Ikea)
Paint (You want paint that is safe for ceramic enamel, I used the brand Americana that I purchased at Michaels for $2, in the supply list you can get a huge set, which would be perfect for a party)
• Brushes or Sponge (I purchased the set from Michaels for $6.99; as listed above, however you can purchase a single brush for only $0.69)

This brings this DIY for me to $8 for the paint colours, I am not including the brushes because I purchased them before and for a seperate project, but the good thing about most craft supplies is you can use them again and again!

What To Do:

1. Start by cleaning off your plate. Make sure there isn't any dirt or dust and place it in an area to paint.

2. Begin to prep your paint on a tray so it's all laid out and ready to go.

3. Think about what you want to do. This is where you can get extremely creative. You can do a pattern like I did, you can do a graphic or even a word or quote. This is totally up to you and is what makes this DIY so awesome.

4. Begin to paint. Go wild! My paint was thin so it required a lot on the brush. I love how it turned out though, how it's thicker and thinner in areas. I am a huge fan of that hand done, imperfect look.

5. Once finished set your plate aside to dry for 4 days. It seems like a long time, but believe me it will pass in no time.

6. Once your 4 days are up, place your plate in a cool oven and heat to 325 degrees fareinheit and bake for 30 minutes.

7. After the 30 minutes is up, let the plate completely cool with the oven door open.

8. Once cooled, you're finished!

Want to watch the video? Click here:

I hope you enjoy this DIY. If you do this DIY share in on twitter or instagram using the hashtag #TenDollarTuesday. Have a fantastic week and I'll see you in the next one!