Ten Dollar Tuesday: Word Art

Hey Everyone! For today's "Ten Dollar Tuesday" I decided to create a cost effective version of the word art that is commonly found at a lot of home decor stores. The nice thing about this is you can make it completely personal and to your specific aesthetic.

You Will Need:

• Stencil (I have provided the two designs that I did, but you can choose anyone you'd like)
• Wood (to any size, mine was 6" x 6" and I purchased it at Michaels for $3.50)
• Paint Pens (these can be purchased at Michaels for $2.99)
• Pencils

This brings to total cost of this DIY to $6.49, well under our $10 budget.

How To:

1. Start by placing your stencil on the window, with the back of the paper facing you. Take your pencil and trace around the letters. If you can get ahold of a pencil with a softer led this will make the transfer a lot easier. I personally used a 3B pencil.

2. Once you have traced your letters, put the stencil onto the piece of wood, with the pencil tracing side down. Then take your pencil and scribble over the entire word mark. You don't need a lot of force to do this. Once the paper is removed you are left with a guide.

3. Take your paint pen and begin to fill in the blanks. Take your time, and breath slowly. This will help your hand be steady. If you are a beginner, stick to bolder fonts, they will be easier to colour in.

4. And you're finished. Display wherever you'd like and marvel at the fact that you've made a custom word design, without breaking the budget.

If you'd like to make the "Smile Often" word art, you can use the photo below:

Now if you're feeling up for a challenge here is a more complicated design.

This design features a smaller and thinner font, so it required a thin sharpie to complete rather than a paint pen.

I like the roughness of doing them by hand. It adds an eclectic feel, rather than a mass produced product. If you would like to do this design you can save the photo below:

If you would like to watch the video for more instruction, click here:

I hope you enjoy this Ten Dollar Tuesday and I'll see you in the next one!