Ikea Snille Chair Upgrade

Hey Everyone! I really needed a desk chair and I saw one from Ikea that I liked the general look of but I found it looked a little lack luster so I wanted to upscale is slightly. This was possibly one of the easiest ways to upscale something but I am really happy with how it looks. I also really liked the look of the mixed textures. So in this DIY I will show you how I made my chair and the pillow. So let's get started.

You Will Need:
• SNILLE Visitor Chair (You can buy it here - I got mine on a now or never sale for $19.99)
• Tejn Faux Sheepskin (You can buy it here)
• Pillow Form (I found this was cheaper than buying cotton)
• Glue Gun and Glue
• Krylon Copper Metallic Spray Paint

*photo property of Ikea*

1. Your first step is to assemble the leg part of your chair. This will make painting the legs a lot easier. Simply just follow the instructions. The seat shell simply clicks on at the end so the assembly of the chair is quiet simple. If you happen to have lost your instructions follow this link here and click downloads. Instructions found here.

2. Once assembled take your chair legs to a well ventilated area and spray paint. Use thin and multiple coats, holding the can about a foot away from the legs. This will take some patience as it's a lot of nooks and crannies.

3. Let the paint dry fully for 3 hours.

4. In the meantime you can assemble your pillow. Begin by laying your rug down with the back facing you. Place your pillow form on the rug and mark where it sits. I added an extra inch to each side for overlap.

5. Cut out your pattern that you just drew.

6. Now this is up to you, but I opted to do a no sew option. I simply took my rug and wrapped it around my pillow form. The nice thing about the faux fur is you can't tell that it hasn't been sewed down as it hides all the seams.

7. Once your legs are dried you simply have to snap the seat shell into the legs and put your pillow on your seat.

This DIY is super simple but I honestly think it looks amazing. If you'd like to watch the video you can watch it here:

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I'll see you in the next one!