Ten Dollar Tuesday: Baby Drool Bandana

Hey Everyone! I decided I would do a DIY for the moms out there for today's Ten Dollar Tuesday. I know that these are a super popular and a great way to keep the drool off your teething baby. They are also super easy to make and super cheap. So let's get started.

You Will Need:
• Terry Cloth (You need minimal if you're making a small amount but honestly a whole yard which will make you an obscene amount was only $4)
• Cotton (Pick a cute design, you can also buy quarters, which is enough to make 2 or 3 Bibs for only $2)
• Velcro (You can get this anywhere, I picked up mine for $2 which was 14 pairs)
• Scissors

This brings this DIY to a potential $5 (plus) depending on how many you want to make.

What To Do:

1. Cut out two squares (one from the terry cloth and one from the cotton). I made mine 11 inches squared, however the size of your bib will vary depending on the size of your child's neck.

2. Once you have your squares, cut diagonally so you have two triangles. One square will make you two bibs.

3. Pin the right side of your terry cloth and cotton together and sew, leaving a 2-3 inch gap. Terry cloth requires a longer stitch length and can be slightly tricky, but it's not too difficult.

4. Once sewn, flip your bib right side out, pulling it through the gap. Hand sew up the gap.

5. Now just attach your velcro. Mine adheres to the fabric without sewing, however if you need to sew yours on do so now.

And you're finished! I hope you and your little one enjoy this DIY, and if you make one I would love to see it so tag me! If you want to watch the video click here:

Thanks for reading!