Ten Dollar Tuesday: Flap Shoulder Bag

 Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another Ten Dollar Tuesday, today we are making a do it yourself flap shoulder bag. This is a super easy diy and it looks stunning. Best of all it costs hardly anything! So let's get started!

You Will Need:
• Pleather of your choice (you only need 1/4 of a yard and I got mine for $1.50)
• Measuring Tape or Ruler
• Scissors
• Velcro (I got some at Michaels for $3)
• Hammer
• Chain (I used about a yard and that cost me $2)
• Jewelry Pliers
• Grommet and Tool (Sold as a pack for $2.50)
Exacto Knife (optional you can use scissors)

Bringing the total cost of this DIY to $9.

What To Do:

 1. Start by measuring and cutting your fabric. The size of your bag is up to you, but if you'd like to make it the same size I did, I cut my piece of fabric to be 10 x 16.

2. Once you have your piece cut fold over the bottom so the two right sides are facing each other. I folded mine so it was six inches, which left a nice bit of fabric to fold over the top. Once you're happy with your placement sew up the sides. Make sure to back stitch.

3. Turn your bag right side out. You will notice that the flap part of your bag sticks out farther than the sides. In order to make a clean edge, fold the hem over. Sew along the top sides, going along the top to finish the look.

 4.  Take your velcro and attach it to your bag. I had velcro that adhered without sewing, however if you have to sew yours on, do that now. My best tip if yours is like mine, is to stick one piece on the top. Place the opposite side to the top piece and fold your bag over and press in place.

5. Flip your bag over and mark where your grommets are going to go. I placed mine 1.5 inches from the top and bottom. 

6. Once marked slide a book, or cutting board that you don't care if it gets bunged up into your bag. Once in place take your knife or scissors and slice a tiny cross over your marked spot.

 7.  Take your grommet with the long stem and poke it through the back, separating your fabric so it comes all the way through. Take the second half and fit it over the stem. Take your tool and hammer the grommet together. Repeat this step for the other side.

8. Take your chain and measure it out to your desire length. I had mine sit around my hip, which was about a yard. I simply put the chain around my shoulder and marked it where I wanted it to sit.

9. Once you have your chain length, string it through the grommets on both sides and close the loop. This way your strap is one continuous strand.

and you're finished! I hope you enjoy this DIY! If you'd like to check out the video click here:

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next one!