Gold Leaf Hair Pins

Hello Everyone! I decided to make these adorable hair pins using the parts from my June Whimseybox. For those who don't know what Whimseybox is, they offer a monthly subscription box that provides you with amazing craft supplies to do a different DIY every month! This is an avid DIY-er or crafters dream! Below are links to supplies you can buy off their site to get everything you need for this DIY. These pins are seriously adorable and the amazing thing about leafing is you can do them in silver, copper, rose gold, or yellow gold! So you can really customize them to your own taste. So let's get started!

You Will Need
• Bobby Pins (You can buy these anywhere, I recommend if you're doing gold leaf to get gold bobby pins, they make life a lot easier)
Mod Podge Mold (There are so many of these to choose from so you don't have to make them floral if you don't want to. They even have gem ones!)
• Mod Podge Sticks
• Gold Leaf
• Glue (Some for a glue gun and some to use with your gold leaf)
• Sealant
• Glue Gun (I used two different ones to save time)
• Exacto Knife
• Foam Brush
• Paintbrush

1. Start by filling your mold with the Mod Podge. It's okay if it seeps over the edge, we will tackle this later. Let these sit for 10 minutes to harden.

2. Once hardened remove them from the mold and clean up using an exacto knife.

3. Once you have the designs you want slip a bobby pin onto a piece of paper. This is so you don't accidentally glue your pin together. Take your glue gun and adhere the design to your pin. Hold in place for a few seconds so it doesn't shift.

4. Take your glue and put it all over your mold. Make sure to really get the glue in all the grooves, this way the leafing will stick to it. Let the glue sit for 20 minutes.

5. Once the glue has set you can get to leafing! Dab on the leaf with your brush and slowly brush off, making sure you get the gold into all the nooks and crannies.

6. Once satisfied with your golden creation, use the sealant to seal everything in place and let dry for one hour.

And your hair pins are complete! If you want to snatch up a whimseybox you can do so now! And get this... you can get $5 off! Just follow this link here:

Right now you can actually get the gold leaf box as well for $20. Simply follow the link above the list of things you will need. I also suggest picking up any craft supplies you may need, their prices are a lot better than my local craft store.

Want to watch the video? Click here:

Thanks for reading and if you create these hair pins please tweet me @kelseyinkol or use the hastag #theDIYdiary.