Ten Dollar Tuesday: Arrow Pillow

Hey Everyone! And welcome back to another Ten Dollar Tuesday! Today we are making a custom DIY Arrow Pillow. I really love the roughness and hand done look that this DIY achieved, and it fits perfectly with my decor. The nice thing about this is you can customize the look of the arrows and colours of the arrows. So let's get started.

You Will Need
• Cotton Fabric ( I got this for only $2.50)
• Fabric Marker (I got this for $3 at Michaels)
• Pencil
• Pillow (I got mine for $4 at a fabric store)

For this you can either use a sewing machine if you have one or you can use fabric glue . This brings this DIY to a total of $9.50.

1. Begin by measuring out your pillow. Make sure to give enough room since the pillow does have volume. Mine measured out to be 14 inches. You are then going to want to add a half an inch to each side for seam allowance. I also decided to add an additional 6 inches to the top so the pillow case could fold over.

2. Sew the sides of your pillow sham together. I used a zig-zag stitch so that seam was strong. When sewing don't forget to back stitch.

3. Once the sides are sewn, fold over the top twice to create a hem. This will make your sham look a lot more professional.

4. Place your pillow back in the sham and mark where it ends with a piece of tape. Once marked remove the pillow and put a book inside the sham to create a hard surface.

5. To make my design I took pencils to use as my guide. I made my arrows the same size as the pencils and used them to figure out the spacing of the arrows.

6. Once my arrows were drawn in pencil I went over them with the fabric marker.

Let this dry for about 15 minutes and you're finished. Like I said you can alter the way your arrows look and the colour. I personally liked the look of the black arrows.

Want to watch the video? Click here:

Thanks for reading! If you make this DIY tweet me @kelseyinkol or use the hashtag #TenDollarTuesday.