Ten Dollar Tuesday: Braided Bracelets

Hey everyone! And welcome to today's Ten Dollar Tuesday! For today I decided I would do a little series of 3 and do 3 different braided bracelets. The nice thing about these is they are super easy and completely customizable! So let's get started.

You Will Need:
• Cording or Thread of your choice (I used Suede Cording and twine)
• Chain (I used both thin and thick chain)
• Findings (I used some ribbon clasp findings and some regular lobster clasp and loops)
• Jewelry Pliers (Not a necessity but honestly make life easier)

Depending on what you choose this will vary the price of the DIY but it is definitely doable to make a ton and all under $10.

The first bracelet is a super simple design but you have to start with the basics before you get crazy. The nice thing about this is you could attach a bead or charm to the bracelet if you wish.

1. Start by cutting three pieces of cord that are 3 inches longer than the measurement of your wrist.

2. Once cut slip the 3 pieces into a ribbon clasp finding and close. This is where jewelry pliers come in handy as this can be tricky without them.

3. After you have your finding closed, tape it down and start braiding.

4. To braid simply take the right outside piece and put it over the middle one - making it the middle piece. Then take the left outside piece and put it over the middle piece. Continue this pattern all the way down.

5. Once you have your desire length, finish the end with the clasp finding just like you did with the beginning pieces. attach a loop and a lobster clasp and you're finished!

The second bracelet I think may actually be my favourite. I really like the mix of the chain and cord and I really like the lavender colour.

1. Start by attaching your chain to a loop. Then take your cording and fold it in half - stringing it through the loop you just attached your chain to.

2. Start braiding just as you did for the last bracelet. I opted to make my bracelet super long so it went around my wrist twice. This is of course totally up to you.

3. Once you have your desire length attach another loop and knot your cord around it after attaching your chain.

4. Attach another loop to each existing one, and a lobster clasp to one end and you're finished!

This bracelet has both a chain and hemp thread. With an adorable anchor charm in the middle.

1. Start by attaching a loop to the top of your charm, then attach your chain. The chain should be half the length of your wrist.

2. Take your thread and loop it around the bottom of your charm, then knot.

3. Now you can do a chain braid. Begin by taking the piece on the right and putting it over the other thread to make a number 4. Take the bottom piece of the 4 and bring it towards the back and through the loop. Pull tight. Continue this patten all the way down.

4. Once finished knot your cord around a loop and attach a lobster clasp to one end of your bracelet.

I hope you enjoy these DIY and I would love to see if you make them. If you do you can either tweet me @kelseyinkol or use the hastag #TenDollarTuesday.

Want to watch the video for some more instructions? Click here:

Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next one!