Ten Dollar Tuesday: Cork Mouse Pad

Hey Everyone! For today's Ten Dollar Tuesday we are creating a nicer twist on the traditional mouse pad, because in reality they aren't the nicest of things. However this mouse pad is completely customizable to your decor and is very unique and chic. Did I mention it's also super easy and super quick!

You Will Need
• Sheet of Cork (I got mine for $2 from Michaels)
• Paint (I used the colour Sea Glass from Americana that I bought for $1)
• X-acto Knife
• Ruler
• Gold Leaf
• Glue
• Sealant 
• Paintbrush

I used my leftover items from the June Whimseybox. This brings this mouse pad to only $3! Which is an amazing price for such a beautiful item. So let's jump in to how you can achieve this!

1. Start by measuring and cutting out your mouse pad out of the cork. I decided to make mine 8 x8 inches but you can make yours bigger or smaller. I then decided I wanted to not have a simple square mouse pad so I measured 2 inches in from each corner and cut diagonally to make an octagon.

2. I then measured in 1/2 an inch from each side and marked it with a pencil, essentially creating another octagon inside the one I already made. This was my guide for when I began to paint.

3. When starting to paint, I recommend starting with the outline first with a smaller brush then finishing with a larger brush on the inside. I only used one coat, but this will depend on your paint.

4. You can stop here if you wish but if you want to achieve the same look as I did keep following. I took the end of my brush and dipped it in glue and made a polka dot pattern all over my painted cork. Once I liked the pattern I let the glue sit for 20 minutes.

5. Start to stipple on your gold leaf, brushing away any excess that hasn't stuck.

6. Once you have achieved the right level of gold for your liking. Take the sealant and cover the entire mouse pad. Let this sit for 1 hour.

Want to watch the video? Click here:

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this DIY. If you make this tweet me @kelseyinkol or use the hashtag #TenDollarTuesday.