Ten Dollar Tuesday: Rock Accent Decor

Hey Everyone! This is a simple diy and it uses items that you can simply find outside, but it ends up looking like an amazing piece to add to your room. The nice thing about this is it's also only a few simple steps. So let's jump right in!

You Will Need
• Rocks (Try to get a bunch of sizes and shapes, rough rocks add amazing texture)
• Industrial Strength Glue (I used Goop that I bought for $4)
• Spray Paint (I used a short cuts can that was $5)

This brought this DIY to $9.

1. Start by gluing your rocks together in an arrangement that you like. once you have an arrangement that you like clamp using tape and let dry overnight. Like I mentioned before rough rocks add an amazing texture .

2. Once dried, paint your rocks. Metallic paint makes the best effect in my opinion. Remember when painting to be in a well ventilated area and use thin and multiple coats.

This is it! I told you it is super simple and literally only a few steps! I found that my paint took a long time to dry on the rocks, so make sure it's dry before using the item.

Want to watch the video? Click here:

Thanks for reading!