Ten Dollar Tuesday: Vintage Button Necklace

Hey Everyone and welcome back to another Ten Dollar Tuesday! I hope you're enjoying these as much as I am, I also find them challenging but the fact that they're simple and cost effective keeps me going! Today I decided to take some buttons I had lying around and turn them into necklaces! This is super cute and very unique, especially if you find some really awesome vintage buttons. So let's get started!

You Will Need:
• Vintage Buttons (I got mine from my grandma so they were free, however you can buy a massive bag at the thrift store for only $1)
• Chain (I had some left over but for chain, clasps and loops you can get a pack for $2 at Walmart)
• Clasps and Loops
• Spray Paint (I had gold already but you can buy a short cuts can for only $3 at Michaels)
• Glue Gun and Glue (Again I already had this but you can get a glue gun for $2 at Michaels)

optional but a highly recommended investment:
• Jewelry Pliers (I bought a mini pack at Walmart and I highly recommend buying one, they come in handy for future DIY projects)

1. Start by gluing a loop to the back of your button with hot glue. This will allow you to attach it to your chain later on. I recommend doing this first so when you paint it the loop and the glue are all the same colour as your button.

2. Take your buttons to a well ventilated area and spray paint. Make sure your area is well covered so you don't cover everything in gold paint (unless you want that) and use thin and multiple coats. My paint dried in only 15 minutes.

3. While your paint is drying you can attach a clasp and loop to your chain. You can make your chain however long, and I recommend judging length based on the size of your button charm. This is also a step where pliers come in handy because loops can be pesky.

4. Attach another loop to your button. This is where you are going to feed the chain through. This loop will also ensure your button sits nice and flat.

QUICK TIP: If you have a button that doesn't have a flat edge, I found putting hot glue on the back allows it sit flat rather than moving side to side.

5. String your chain through the loop and you're finished!

These necklaces make for awesome gifts or even just a unique piece to add to your collection. The nice thing about using vintage buttons is they're very unique and many have amazing detail. When you paint them gold it really adds a nice touch and makes the piece look expensive and classy.

Want to watch the video? Click here:

Thank you for reading and if you make this necklace please send it to me on twitter @kelseyinkol or use the hashtag #TenDollarTuesday!