The Kelsey Diary - Paula's Choice Skincare Review

Hello Everyone! I decided I would be doing some lifestyle posts, because I want to share more of my life and the things I like with you. So I figured I recently tried out a new skincare brand and I was so excited I wanted to share my results with you. I plan on doing a lot more of these posts as they aren't as time consuming as DIY's and I will be able to write more often. Now don't take this as me stopping DIY's because I am most definitely not - I simply just want to share more with all of you lovely people.

I found out about Paula's Choice by a close friend of mine and she was so in love with the brand that I knew I had to try it out. Lately I have been all about skincare as I haven't been wearing makeup and if I do it tends to be only mascara. Now I wanted to try out the products before diving right in and they allow you to buy samples of their sets for only $6 (max).

Skin Recovery - I really wanted to try this system. My skin is incredibly dry, it doesn't matter what season I struggle with dry patches and just dull and red looking skin. I find the most challenging thing is actually finding a moisturizer that keeps my skin moisturized.  I will tell you this right now - I loved this system and am purchasing the full set once it gets back in stock (I even put myself on a notify list I want it so bad). The system comes with 7 elements and I will break each down and why I personally liked them for my skin.

Cleaner - This cleanser is a cream cleanser, which for dry skin is a blessing because you cannot get enough moisture. It left my skin feeling fresh and clean. I didn't feel dried out and tight as some cleansers tend to do.

Toner - I am usually scared when it comes to toners, since many have just soaked up any moisture my skin may of had. This one is a milky consistency and actually felt moist on my skin after, I honestly didn't even think this was possible.

Exfoliate - This is the coolest thing, it exfoliates but doesn't have any coarse material and doesn't leave your skin looking like a cherry tomato.

Treatment - This was a serum, and like most serums I found it did it's job. I don't have much to say about the serum as I don't have much problems with many serums.

Moisturizer - You have two of these, one for night time and one for day time. The only difference is the daytime has SPF and you can't go wrong with some SPF. I read in the book that they sent that most "night time" labelled moisturizers are just a gimmick and that is the only difference your two moisturizers should have. Huh, go figure.

Mask - You can actually leave this one ALL night! So of course I did and in the morning my skin looked like a million bucks. The nice thing about the mask is it isn't thick. It doesn't feel too tight and it is completely clear.

All in All I am in love with this product and if you have dry skin you need to get this product. It is going to be a life changer. If you want to try this product click the link here: SKIN RECOVER KIT - SAMPLE

Earth Sourced - The next one I tried was earth sourced. It is made of 98% natural ingredients and is ideal for babies, if any of you mamas out there was something you and your baby can share - I'm thinking more moisturizer because I can't figure out why a baby would need a toner. This product didn't break me out but I didn't find it really helped me with my dry skin problem. I think if you have normal or combination skin this would be great for you, but I don't know about the two extremes.

Cleanser - The cleanser lathered nicely and left my face feeling very clean. It didn't seem to amp up any redness and also didn't cause any breakouts. It actually helped a small one I had on my chin.

Toner - This toner wasn't quite as milky as the skin recovery but it still wasn't as harsh as most I have used. It didn't dry out my skin either (bonus!).

Moisturizer - This is the only major complaint I have and it's mainly because my skin just soaked it all up. With the skin recovery I could feel my skin still being moisturized hours later, this left my skin tight and dry about 15 minutes.

Like I said, this wasn't for me, BUT I think it would work great for those with combination skin or normal skin. So if you'd like to give it a try you can follow the link here: EARTH SOURCED - SAMPLE KIT.

With every order you get 3 samples so I chose another Skin Recovery Mask and Treatment and I also chose Clinical Redness Relief. Which is something I am going to order in full. You simply put it on a cotton pad and either use on areas you're red or your entire face. It also is great for shaving - so guys! This is perfect for you! This worked well and didn't cause drying or breakouts for me so I am definitely ordering a full bottle and using it around my nose and the outsides of my cheeks where I am the most red. If you want to order a bottle click here.

The thing I also liked about this company is their customer service is prime and their prices aren't too outrages and it's worth every penny. I also want to say I wasn't sponsored or sent any of this stuff, I am genuinely excited and wanted to share the good news!

If you want to browse the website you can do so here:

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you will look forward to more lifestyle posts in the future!
Thanks for reading!