Back To School Trilogy: DIY Notebooks (2-Ways)

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the second installment in my "Back To School" trilogy! I know some people have begun going back to school, but here in Canada we still have one more month of summer! For those who are already back- it's never to late to make your own supplies. This DIY is super simple, and although there seems to be a lot of supplies, they don't cost a lot. In this DIY I will be showing you how to make two different notebooks, one that you create completely yourself and another than you simply cover. So let's get started!

You Will Need:

First Notebook
• Scrapbook Paper (I got 3 sheets for $1 at Michaels)
• Lined Paper (I got a whole ream for only 10 cents are Target)
• Stapler (If you have access to an industrial stapler that works great)
• Ruler
• X-Acto Knife
• Duck Tape (You can get so many colours and patterns now to choose from)

Second Notebook
• Notebook that you want to change (I got some at Target for $2.50)
• Scrapbook Paper
• Mod Podge or Craft Glue
• Paintbrushes
• X-Acto Knife
• Ruler

** You can also use Washi Tape, a corner rounder, ribbon, etc. to spruce up your notebooks and make them uniquely yours.**

First Notebook

 1.  Start by cutting out your lined paper. I used the second margins where the punched holes are as a guide to my width. For the length I decided to make mine 5 inches long. For ease of cutting multiple sheets, I recommend paper clipping your sheets together and using light and multiple cuts.

2. once cut put your sheets on your scrapbook paper. Make lines slightly outside of your sheets for your cover. You want it to be slightly bigger to prevent your interior pages from peeking out.

3. Once cut attach your sheets using two paperclips (this honestly makes your life so much easier) and fold in half. Make sure you create a nice crease.

4. If you have an industrial stapler use that now, if you're like me and don't have access to that you can do the following. Take a piece of cork or a corkboard and open your book and staple along the crease directly into the cork. Remove your book and take your X-Acto knife to fold down the teeth of the staple.

5. As a final touch I decided I was going to add some Duck Tape along the binding. I noticed a lot of notebooks in stores had this feature so I figured why not? Simply cut the tape to your desired width and place right over the staples and press in place.

6. Once finished, to get your book to stay closed place it under a few heavy books for about 30 minutes.

Second Notebook

1. Take the notebook that you want to cover and place it onto your scrapbook paper. Once placed mark the top of your book. Use this line as a guide and draw a line about an inch above. Once you have the right placement cut the paper.

2. Take your glue and brush it all over the front cover. Place the front cover down on the paper, leaving about a half an inch on all sides. Press in place smoothing out any bubbles.

3. Flip over and brush glue all over the back cover. Simply take your back cover and roll it onto the scrapbook paper, pressing in place smoothing out any bubbles.

4. Once secure, take your ruler and notch out the corners and the space where the spine is. This is so you create flaps to roll over to secure your scrapbook paper in place.

5.  Once your notches are cut, add glue and roll over, pressing into place and smoothing out any bubbles.

6. This is the part where you can really do anything you'd like. On one of my notebooks I put Duck Tape on the spine similar to the previous notebooks. On the other I used a piece of ribbon as a way to keep the notebook shut.

Want to watch the video on how to create these notebooks? Click here:

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