Do It Yourself: Revamped High Heels

Hello Everyone! Sorry for my DIY absence but as some of you know I had my wisdom teeth out and nobody tells ya it isn't just a two day thing. Anyway! I am back and bringing you a revamp of those scuffed high heels that you just cant part with. So let's jump right in!

You Will Need:
• Old Pair Of High Heels (Lighter colours cover better than dark)
• Chain (Any colour you like, I got a huge roll awhile ago at Michaels for around $5)
• Large Clasps and Possibly Loops (Depending on your chain)
• Jewelry Pliers (I got a travel set at Walmart for $10)
• Spray Paint (Make sure your paint is meant for plastic - this is key)

Now before we get started if you would like to watch the video instead of reading below you can do so now. I prefer both methods myself (watching and reading) so if you're like me, you can also do both.

1. Start by finding an old pair of high heels, I will tell you this much these heels look better in this photo then in real life, they had some serious discolouration and scratches.

2. Once you have your pair of high heels, take your chain and create a loop that goes in front of the heel and up to the back of the heel (directly behind where your foot would sit). Once you have your length break of the chain and join it to the end to create a full circle.

3. Next take another piece of chain and attach it (either using your chain loop or a separate loop) to the inside of the shoe where you like the placement best.

4. Slip your shoe on and take the loose piece you just attached and bring it across your foot to the other side and mark how long your chain needs to be. Remember you are going to be attaching a clasp so you don't have to leave too much extra room, unless you want your chain to be a bit looser.

5. Once you have your chain measured out, detach extra links and attach your lobster clip to an opened link.

6. Repeat this for the other shoe and set both aside for now.

7. Give your shoes a good clean with dish soap to prevent any dirt from messing up your paint job.

8. Tape the sole of the shoe and along the inside to protect it from paint. You are also going to just want to stuff the inside with paper for extra protection and head out to a well ventilated area to begin spray painting.

9. Remember when painting to use thin and multiple coats and let sit for an hour before handling.

10. Because shoes see the most wear and tear I would let your shoes sit for 24 to 48 hours before wearing.

11. Once dried, attach your chain and dance the night away in your new shoes!

I am really happy with how the shoes turned out and the paint holds up great to the little bends made when walking, so don't worry about chipping. As always if you have any questions ask away and if you make this DIY please share it with me because I would love to see it!

Thanks for watching and reading and I'll see you in the next one!
xx Kelsey