Fan Expo 2014 - My Experience

Hello Everyone! So this past Saturday I made my way to the Metro Toronto Convention Center for my first ever Fan Expo and spoilers! I loved it. I have wanted to go for a few years now and finally bought a ticket and made my way with a few friends. The experience was definitely surreal and I decided I would share my experience along with some tips for any first timers to Fan Expo.

I recorded a video of me explaining my experince at Fan Expo if you would like to watch it instead of reading. I do rant a bit, but there is a method to my madness.

My Personal Fan Expo Tips

1) Drink Water - The convention center is extremely hot, so I highly suggest bringing a bottle of water. Even with AC the shear amount of people and the amount of walking you are doing is bound to make you dehydrated, and you don't want that to ruin your day.

2) Comfortable Footwear - You are on your feet all day, without this you are going to hate your life. Make sure your shoes are comfortable to be in and be sure they aren't brand new. Breaking in your shoes before hand will definitely save your feet from some post expo misery.

3) Buy Ahead - This one is an important one. Buy your tickets and photo ops ahead of time. The lines to get in and to buy photos will waste your time, and prevent you from being able to actually explore the convention.

4) Plan Ahead - With the size of the convention and the shear amount of people without planning you could miss the things you really wanted to see. Fan Expo releases maps and times before hand so you are able to ensure you can get to everything you want without stressing out.

5) Buddy System - If you go with a friend be sure to have a method of communication. Everyone nowadays has a cell phone so be sure to use it. If you have to split up have a meeting spot. We used the Tardis since it was easy to spot and was near the front and less crowded part of the convention center.

Always remember to have fun and enjoy your time there, it will seriously go by in the blink of an eye.

 Now my personal experience with Fan Expo. My friends and I took the TTC into Union station where we walked down to the Convention. This was the best decision seeing as, downtown parking is expensive and their is so much construction downtown, driving would be an absolute nightmare. Once we arrived it was around 10 am (opening time), my friend and I b-lined it straight to the autograph tables to see the times the celebrities were signing. This was possibly the best decision since it was going to allow us to plan our day around this. Luckily the two people she wanted to get autographs from were already signing and the lines had barely started to form.

Once we got that out of the way we started to do some star sighting. We saw Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy), Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who), David Morrissey (The Walking Dead),  Stephen Amell (Arrow), Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries, Lost), and Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings, Wilfred). Once the crowd began to become unbearable we decided we would head away from the North Building and into the South Building.

Once in the South Building we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed around to all the booths. There was some seriously amazing things. Rows and rows of comic books, you could literally find everything and at some outrageous prices. The Lego booth was amazing as always. It seriously blows my mind what they create. After some trips around to see some video game booths we headed to see some of the little Etsy shops. I find that if you are going to buy anything, buy from them. Their stuff is so incredibly unique and the time and effort they put into everything is amazing.

It was now approaching my photo op time so we headed back to the North Building. Which was possibly one of the worst experiences of Fan Expo. The traffic was being directed in strange ways and we ended up having to go outside and back in. It was confusing but we made it back to another confusing mess. The photo ops was literally a clump of people. No one knowing where to go, and no one being directed. After meeting up with a few people we finally got into the right line and were ready to wait to meet Ian Somerhalder.

Now this part of Fan Expo was not only my favourite but it has definitely been my highlight for days to come. I got the chance to meet one of my celebrity crushes and idols. He was not only an extremely gorgeous human being but he is just as beautiful on the inside. He was seriously the sweetest person to everyone he met and I truly wish I was able to talk a little more to him about his work with his Foundation as it is something that I truly respect.

That being said I would like to take a quick paragraph to explain what this beautiful human being does. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is a foundation that empowers and collaborates with people to better protect the planet and it's creatures. This foundation has been creating some amazing movements and they aren't slowing down. Personally I want to be able to take the technology that so many of us are attached to and use it to make change. If all of us shared awareness and educated others using our social media, we could create change, we could make a difference. This man has taken his celebrity and used it for good and it is something that I want to recognize and thank him for.

If you follow this link here you can donate as little as $5 to help make a change and make the world we live in and the creatures we share it with a better place. To donate to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation follow this link here:

After this we all decided we were exhausted and headed home. I am thinking next year I will probably volunteer, I think it would be extremely fun and would be amazing experience for my PR career.

Thank you all for reading, donating and watching. It means the world to me! If you want to see more posts like this let me know and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!