July Whimseybox - Unboxing & Craft With Me

Hello Everyone! So I received my box a little late in the mail, I just moved and my box was sent to my old address and she never told me that I had mail, so I am sorry that it's now September and I am talking about July, but these things happen. I decided I would do an unboxing, so you could see what comes in the box and have you craft with me the DIY that they sent us this month! It will just be a video, as they do send well written instructions but I will have some awesome links ... AND some money saving.

If you like the DIY and want to simply purchase the July box you can! Simply follow the link and add it to your cart, and presto! You'll also have some extra supplies for future DIY crafts which is always awesome.

I also have a code for all of you to use to save $5 when you subscribe for Whimseybox. The most amazing thing I adore about these boxes is the extra supplies and the ability to try a different craft. Something I may of never even thought about. SAVE $5!

I hope that you enjoyed this post! I plan on doing them every month so be sure to stay tuned for future boxes! Thanks for reading and watching!