An Unfortunate Whimseybox Situation

Hello Everyone! Recently I have been working with Whimseybox under their influencer network. The network was fantastic and a great way to spread your DIY's and give amazing deals to your friends, family and subscribers. However recently Whimseybox has been completely MIA. In August they sent out an update that the boxes were going to be late, which is fine. We all get busy then something happens and unfortunately we can't meet a deadline. The boxes however arrived late September with no further updates. The last time they updated was the beginning of September. There is nothing about September's box or what is going on with the company. The lack of communication is unfortunate and I am really sad to be writing this blog. I have suggested this company to all of you and previously it was something I truly believed in and loved. They were on top of things, great at customer service and produced a quality product. However now that has changed and I am here to apologize to all of you.

I am sorry that some of you may also be tied in this web and unable to contact anyone. I suggest all of you at this time to call your credit card company and get them to cancel Whimseybox's charges. I am not sure what is going on with the company but seeing as it's almost been two months with no communication I would hazard to guess the worst. It is really upsetting and I wish I had a solution for everyone that is suffering but I am right there with you.

I hope people read this before subscribing as new clients as well. I would hate for you to buy now when there is no communication and no products being sent out.

Now I am off to search for another fun craft box! I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed this doesn't happen again.