Do It Yourself: Layered Necklace

Hello Everyone! Today I am showing you how to make a layered necklace (including how to do some bead wiring!) I see these all over pinterest and it was one of those things I looked at and said - I can make that! So here we are about to dive in on how you too can make your very own layered necklace.

You Will Need:
• Beads of your choice (choose what appeals to you and a variety of sizes)
• Jewelry Pliers (I got a pack of 3 at Walmart for $10)
• Chain (Any kind, any thickness any colour)
• Findings (I bought a back for $4 at Michaels that came with loops, lobster clasps, headpins and pre-made beading loops)

If you want to follow along with the video as always you can do so here!

1. My beads could only sit vertically so I needed to get a little creative in order to make them sit like a necklace pendant. In order to do this I grabbed a pre-made beading loop and thread it though going up to down. Once the pin was in place I bent the rod over the bottom and to the back cutting off the excess wire and bending into place so it didn't stick out. I repeated this on the other side, leaving me with two little loops.

2. Because the loops were too little to string chain through, I took my pliers and opened a loop and attached one to each side. Put this aside for now.

3. Next I decided to make another pendant that involved some wire wrapping. I recommend practicing, it took me a good few tries to get it right. What you want to do is take a headpin and string your beads on. Once happy, bend your wire at a 90 degree angle on top of the bead. Next take your thin nosed pliers and grip your wire as close to the bead as possible. Now wrap your wire around the pliers to create a circle. Once wrapped remove your pliers and wrap the end around the base once and snap off the tail.

4. Measure out your chain to your desired length and open and add a loop to the end.

5. Thread your first pendant through the chain and attach a loop and lobster clasp to the end of the other end of the chain to finish the necklace.

6. Now it is time to add the layers. I recommend standing infront of a mirror to get placement. Taking about a 4 inch strand of chain, attaching using a loop or your chain (depending on size) connect the 4 inch strand to where you want the second layer to sit.

7. Thread on your second charm and attach the other end, making sure both sides are even.

The nice thing about this is you can add as many layers as you want and you can choose your pendants. If you want you can even take an old necklace and give it new life by adding a layer or using it's beads for your new necklace.

Remember as always if you have any questions ask away and if you make this DIY please share it with me because I love to see them!

Thanks for reading and watching!
xx Kelsey