Halloween Themed Mason Jars

Hello Everyone! Today I bring you the third and final DIY in my Halloween trilogy! Can you believe it's already only 5 days until Halloween?! Anyway this DIY is super easy to do and is very cost effective. You can use this as drinking glasses, or lanterns or even to hold some Halloween treats. I think they'd make awesome party favours as well. So with all that being said let's jump right in to the DIY!

You Will Need:
• Mason Jars (These are everywhere nowadays; grocery stores, craft stores so they aren't hard to find)
• Paint Pen (I got mine at Michaels, a set of two was $3.99)
• Scotch Tape
• Design Template

If you want to use the designs that I did you can find them here:

Witch template you can get here
Cat template you can get here
Trick or Treat template you can get here

None of these are my designs so I am giving credit where credit is due.

1. Begin by taping your template inside of the jar. In order to do this I made my designs 2.5 x 3 inches tall. You can alter this size but I wanted my design to be on the flat part of the mason jar.

2. Take your paint pen and begin to trace your template. Now this is harder than it may look because there is a gap inbetween you and the template. So it can be a little confusing so here are some tips on how to get a good transfer:

• close one eye, this almost eliminates the gap to make tracing seamless.
• use your template only as a guide. Almost as though drawing from a picture but slightly easier.
• always go off of the first line you drew. This will allow you to make everything connect seamless even if you miss a design element.

Just make the template your own. I recommend trying to do picture designs before diving into text as that can be pretty difficult.

They take roughly about an hour to dry and then you can use them as you please! The nice thing is you can also change up their uses and they store easily for Halloweens to come!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, as always if you make one please send it my way either by tagging me @kelseyinkol on either Instagram or Twitter or using the hashtag #theDIYdiary.

Thanks for reading/watching