Vampire Diaries Halloween Tutorial

I am back with another Halloween DIY! This one is possibly my favourite and is what I am being for Halloween. In this DIY I will show you how you too can become a vampire from The Vampire Diaries. Seriously these vampires are bada** and I am obsessed over this show. Now I am in now way affiliated with them I just simply love it and wanted to show you how you can look like a vampire ready to feed! So let's get started!

I used a face chart to map out my design under my eyes. It helps a lot when it comes to the actual application so if this is something you would like to use also you can do so by following the link here: TVD_FaceChart

Products I Used:
• Aveeno Tinted Moisterizer in Fair/Light
• Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in Fair
• Bare Minerals Matte Face Powder in Neutral
• Bare Minerals Bronzer
• Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
• Urban Decay Naked Pallet (Virgin, Buck, Smog and Darkhorse)
• NYX Lipliner in "Ruby"
• NYC Kohl Eyeliner in "In The Navy"
• NYX Eyebrow Pencil (EPB01)
• Maybelline Eyeliner in "Soft Black"
• Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in "Pure White"
• Annabelle Black Eyeshadow

Where I Got My Fangs:

Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs - Link Here

Outfit Details:
• Black Faux-Leather Jacket - Stitches
• Grey Tank - H&M
• Black Skinny Stretch Pants - H&M
• Ankle Boots - Spring
• Day-Light Ring - Ardene**

For the Day-Light Ring I purchased a ring from Ardene's for $3. I then mixed navy paint and some white glitter together and painted the gem so that it matched the lapis lazuli amulet that is found in The Vampire Diaries. I liked this because it allowed you to be your own character rather than buying one from the show. It also allows you to save some money, which is always a plus!

Makeup Tutorial

1. Begin by following your normal makeup routine. If you would like to follow me, I began with my tinted moisturizer. I am not a huge fan of foundation so this allows me to have some coverage but not feel like my makeup is caked on.

2. Follow up with some concealer to cover up any imperfections. Make sure that you remember to apply the concealer under your eyes as this is where the majority of your makeup will be going.

3. Next use a face powder and set your makeup. This will ensure your makeup lasts all day or night.

4. Contour your cheekbones, temples and jawline with your bronzer. Make sure that it blends nicely to look natural.

5.  For my eye makeup I used the Naked pallet and used a flat brush with the shade "Virgin" to cover my entire lid up until my brow. Next take a crease brush with the shade "Buck" and brush it into your crease and outer corner. Finally take a blending brush with a mixture of the shades "Smog" and "Darkhorse" and blend that into your outer corner.

6. Take your eyeliner and line your eyes into a cat-eye. It's okay if it's a little rough as you will be taking a liner brush and eyeshadow to soften and clean up the liner. Finish up your eyes with Mascara.

7. Now we can get into the main Vampire aspect of this look. Take a navy eyeliner and begin to draw your veins. Try to be slight of hand so that the ends are faded. Mix in some thick and some thin lines as well to add some dimension. Once you're happy with your main veins you can add on to make them look more real.

8. Take a red lip liner and add some red beside the navy. Use this sparsely and blend with either your finger or a q-tip. You don't want this too pronounced. Finally take a white eyeliner and add some more lines against the navy. This is what make the veins really pop!

Pop in your fangs and you're ready to go!

I had such a blast doing this tutorial and I love the outcome. It's not hard either and purchasing eyeliner isn't breaking the bank. The nice thing about this is you can wear anything. I took my outfit ques from Katherine but you can use anyone or even your own style.

If you do this tutorial please send me a photo either via twitter/instagram @kelseyinkol or use the hashtag #theDIYdiary.

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Thanks for watching/reading!