Do It Yourself: Cell Phone Cases

Hello Everyone! I am back with another DIY! I am trying to update at least every Sunday. I am currently going to school and working FT and I want to try to keep my blog up to date as I love it so much. I may however do some more personal posts and maybe some about PR, as that is what I am taking in school. Anyway back to the DIY-ing, I decided I would dabble in the cell phone case DIY, and I love them and they are ridiculously easy (yay!). So let's jump right in!

You Will Need:
• Clear Cell Phone Cases (I got mine on Amazon for $1 per case)
• Paper or Wood (I got a bunch at Michaels, I used mainly origami paper because it was gorgeous)
• Glitter
• Mod Podge (A serious crafting staple)
• Scissors
• X-Acto Knife
• Gold Foil Arrows (Found these at Michaels and fell in love)

As always if you would like a visual interpretation you can do so by watching the video here:

Glitter Case
1. Start by brushing in a layer of mod podge that doesn't go all the way up.

2. Once glued, take your first glitter colour and strinkle in the bottom, use your finger to spread the glitter out to make it blend into the next. Continue this step for as many colours as you want.

3. Let sit for about 30 minutes and brush on another layer of mod podge. This will seal the glitter. Let sit 24 hours before using.

Origami Paper
1. This is the easiest of the cases. Simply take your case and put it face down on the paper (make sure your on the back side of the paper).

2. Trace out your case including the camera slot.

3. Cut out with a pair of scissors. You may want to use a knife for the camera.

The possibilities for this case are endless and you could literally have virtually a new case every day.

Golden Arrows
1. Cut out (in either wood or paper) a template like you did in the origami paper tutorial.

2. Next take the foil and place it down on your template. Rub into place.

3. Peal carefully off and voila!

The cool thing about the foil is you can either use it all or cut out an element to make your own design. I also like that it looks aged and rustic. This is probably my favourite out of the cases.

As always if you do this DIY please share it with me because I love to see them and I'll see you in the next DIY!

Thanks for watching/reading!
xx Kelsey