Do It Yourself: Christmas Countdown Calendar

Hello Everyone! Today marks the first DIY for the holiday season and I figured there is no better way than with a Christmas Countdown Calendar (or Advent Calendar). This Calendar is nice because it is completely customizable and looks nicer than your traditional one. It also allows you to display it as a decor item! So let's get started.

You Will Need:
• Frame (I painted mine white - Go big or go home on this option)
• White Cardstock
• Clothespins
• Gold Paint (I used Martha Steward Gold Metallic and Gold Glitter Paints)
• E6000 Glue
• Black Fine Marker
• Pencil

1. Start off with a white frame (or any colour you desire) I couldn't find a white one so I simply painted mine white. I recommend going with a huge frame if you want to include treats in this DIY.

2. Paint each pin with your gold paint. I found if I did a layer of the metallic them stippled in the glitter it made it look really glittering and rich. Let these dry for an hour.

3. Take your cardstock and cut it down to the size of your glass. Next layout your pins to get a rough placement. Remember to use whatever you want to fit in your calendar as a guide. Mark these spaces with a pencil for later.

4. To transfer on your numbers you can follow this little trick. Print out your numbers on a sheet of paper. Go to a window and trace the backs of all the letters. Next take your paper and lay it down over where you want your number to sit. Lightly rub over the right side of the number. When revealed there is a faint stencil left. Simply trace with your black marker and voila!

The font I personally used is "DK L" which you can get here.

5. Once your numbers are finished, put your cardstock into your frame. Then take your glue and attach each clothespin to it's previous marking. Let this dry for one hour.

6. I finished mine off with little red and white bags I found at Michaels but this is where you can get creative! You can use treats, or gift cards or even activities for the family to do!

The nice thing about this DIY is it stores easily and looks fantastic! Remember if you do this DIY please share it with me using the hashtag #TheDIYDiary or tagging me @kelseyinkol. Be sure to subscribe as well for more holiday DIYs!

Thanks for watching/reading!