Do It Yourself: Metal Stamped Bracelet

Hello Everyone! I am back with another fun DIY! I have been wanting to do this forever so I am so excited that I finally did it and I am now sharing it with you. I will tell you that it is so easy BUT it does cost some money to invest but you can reuse everything afterward so that's pretty nifty! With all that being said let's jump right in to the DIY.

You Will Need:
• Metal Letter Stamps - these come in many different sizes. I wanted mine really small so I got the 1/16 letters. You can pick these up either from Michaels or Amazon. It cost me about $26 I believe.
• Hammer - if you plan on doing a lot more stamping I recommend getting a jewelry hammer specially made for stamping as I did, it was about $5 (Michaels) so it won't break the bank.
• Chain - thickness and colour are up to you. Chain is super easy to find and isn't very pricey. I used maybe 1/4 of my chain (not even) and the entire thing cost $3 at Michaels.
• Findings - I get a pack from Michaels because it gives you the posts to make your own bead work and loops and clasps. Basically everything you need for about $4 - you really can't go wrong.
• Beads - I really loved the look of the Swarovski beads, they were the perfect colour and size for what I imagined. They were about $5 at Michaels for a pack.
• Metal Pendant - I got lucky with this and got this guy in a pack of two on clearance for $3. It was attached to a metal bracelet and was made specifically for stamping. I removed it from the bracelet to attach to my own. You can purchase other blanks but I notice they only ever have one hole. So you may need to invest in a metal punch to get your second hole.
Jewelry Pliers - this is one of those items that I suggest any crafter invests in. They come in handy more times than I can count.
Sharpie and Tissue

Optional - You can purchase a professional metal block if you wish. I simply used concrete floor, but if you don't have access to that you will want to purchase one. When stamping never stamp on a breakable surface such as wood or tile.

1. You will want to start stamping. Figure out a quote or word or name that you want to stamp out. I can't stress enough how planning what you want to say is important. I chose the quote - "Smile Often" for mine.

Once you have your quote grab you necessary letters and begin to stamp. Tape your pendant down so it doesn't shift and hammer the letter into the metal. Use a few good blows to ensure the letter is stamped well. If you want a straight line you can use the tape to do so. I personally like the look of a slightly uneven line.

**Tip - Go to your local hardware store and pick up a few extremely cheap washers. You can practice your stamping technique on these before proceeding with your actual pendant. **

2. Once finished take a Sharpie and go over your letters, rubbing off any from the surface. I found that mine left a faint hue of black so I opted to do the entire piece. It made it look aged. However the point of this is to add definition to the letters and make them more visible.

3. Now we are going to assemble the beads. I have shown this effect before in my necklace DIY but for those who are new here I will give you the breakdown. Begin by taking the finding with a loop at the end and string three beads onto it. Once done bend the wire as close as you can to the beads to a 90 degree angle. Taking your round nose pliers bend your wire around them to create a loop. Finally clip off the tale and you have a beaded pendant.

4. Taking your chain, open a loop and attach it to each side of your beaded pendant. If you need to add a loop do so, some chain is too small or awkward shape to attach directly to the loop. It can also be quite tricky because of the size.

5. Take a loop and attach it to one end of your chain and then a loop and clasp to the other. You have officially finished your beaded bracelet. Repeat this step for your pendant. For my pendant I needed to add loops to each end since the pendant was too thick for my chain.

And you're finished. This DIY is super easy and believe me I want to stamp everything now! If you want to do stamping I highly recommend investing in it. There are so many possibilities and you are definitely going to see some more from me!

Thank you as always for reading/watching and I'll see you soon!