Do It Yourself: Vintage Book Clutch

Hello Everyone! I am pleased to bring you this DIY that turned out amazing! I have been seeing these all over Etsy and they go for usually $150. When I saw that price tag I knew I had to DIY it. However I will say this - this DIY takes a long time, which explains the price. However it isn't hard and it requires no sewing (yay).

You Will Need
• Vintage Book (I got mine at an antique market)
• Interior Fabric (pick a nice sturdy cotton)
• Mod Podge (matte or gloss - depending on your book)
• Paintbrush
• E6000 glue (this stuff is liquid gold and can be bought at Michaels for $5)
• X-Acto Knife (and lots of blades)
• Metal Ruler
• Wax Paper
• Box Clasp (I got mine here)

1. Begin by dividing your book in half. Take your Mod Podge and begin to coat one side along the edges. You are really going to want to soak your pages so that the glue saturates the book and binds them together. Place a sheet of wax paper in between your sections and flatten your book. Coat the second side in Mod Podge. Once coated set aside with either a heavy book or weights on top and allow it to dry overnight.

2. Once dried open your book and draw a rectangle. This will be your inner container. When deciding the size make sure to leave enough of a margin for stability. I used my text header and footer as my guide.

3. Once drawn take your knife and begin cutting. You're going to want to use a metal ruler here to prevent any cuts to your ruler. You are also going to need to change your blade often. This step is the most tedious. Repeat this for the other side.

4. Once your areas are cut line the inner edges with Mod Podge like you did in step 1. Remembering the wax paper in the middle. Like before let dry overnight and under something weighted.

5. This part is a little hard to explain in text, so you may want to refer to the video for this. Take your book and open it as wide as it will go without force. Stand it on it's side on top of a paper towel. Trace the inside shape of your inner-container and add one inch to the left and right side. This will be your pattern.

6. Cut out two pieces of fabric using the pattern you just made. Make sure to fold your fabric in half so that you have the pattern both on the inside and outside of the purse. Finish off by gluing (E6000) the bottom edge of each fabric piece.

7. Take your book and begin on one side adding glue (E6000) on the right half and side (inner container). Stick your fabric pattern down (these will be your dividers). Follow the same step on the left half.

8. Cut out a rectangle that is the size of your inner container and glue this down. This will cover up any seams from your divider pieces.

9. Glue the other sides of your dividers to the other side of your book and finish with another rectangle piece. Place a piece of wax paper in the opening and let dry overnight.

10. To make life easier I glued my box clasp to a paint stirrer so that it stood flush to my cover and away from the not so straight pages. Simply glue with the E6000 glue and let sit. This glue is seriously amazing and creates a really strong bond.

And you're finished! I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did, seriously this clutch is amazing and perfect for the book worm in your life! As always if you make this please share it with me using the hashtag #TheDIYDiary or @kelseyinkol.

Thanks for reading/watching!