Do It Yourself: Glitter Ornament

Hello everyone! I am back with another holiday DIY! If you're anything like me you are going to want your holiday DIY's to be quick and easy! So I am here to bring you a super quick and easy ornament do it yourself that looks great and is only a few steps and doesn't take much effort. Because we are already stressed enough - lets not add to it.

You Will Need:
• Styrofoam Balls (I used 5 in ones but this is up to you)
• Glitter (You won't need more than 2.5 oz)
• Mod Podge
• Beads
• Wire
• Ribbon
• Metal rod or skewer
• Bowls
• Pliers

1. Start by covering your Styrofoam ball in mod podge. I suggest using a large paintbrush for this as it will cover the area quickly. I could only find rough textured styrofoam but I think smooth would cover easier.

2. Once covered pour some glitter in a bowl and begin to roll your ball. Make sure every inch is covered and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. I found I had to pick up and place some glitter.

3. Once you have your glitter all set - place them on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet or table and let dry overnight. You want to make sure the glitter is set.

4. The next day take a rod or skewer and poke a hole directly through the ball. I placed a plate under mine while I did this to catch fallout and so I didn't poke a hole in my table. I highly suggest you do this too.

5. Once your hole is poked, grab a piece of wire and measure it along your ball. I made mine roughly 4 inches larger. Next bend and wrap the end to make a stopper.  String your beads on, I used a white and clear bead for mine and then string your wire through your already made hole.

6. Once through, bend the wire in a loop. I found I had to wrap my wire a few times around the base to ensure the loop didn't slip through the hole.

7. Once your loop is made either attach ribbon or an ornament hook!

Now it's time to sit back and appreciate your handmade ornaments! To make them really unique you could even mix glitter or use a stencil and make a pattern!

As always please share your wonderful creations with me - I love to see them!

Thanks for reading/watching!