Do It Yourself: Hot Chocolate Giveaways

Hello Everyone! I am pleased to bring this yummy and extremely easy DIY to you! Best of all it's not very expensive and is such a cute thing to give to someone this holiday season. For this DIY I am apart of a DIY Blog Share for Christmas! How exciting! Each one of us is doing a different day leading up to Christmas! Each DIY has to be under $20 as well so it sits nicely into anyone's strict holiday budget. So at the end of this post I will list each blog involved and I highly suggest you check out each one of these very talented people! Seriously you won't regret it! Now let's hop right in to the DIY!

You Will Need:
• Hot Chocolate (I got the PC Candy Cane mix for $4)
• Marshmallows (I got the mini marshmallows for $2)
• Mini Chocolate Chips (These cost me $2)
• Peppermint Sprinkles (I got these at Target for $4)

• Mason Jar (Michaels had a smaller size for $2 per jar. They do offer coupons however to knock this price down - and while shopping at Michaels I live on coupons)
• Ornament (I got mine at Michaels, the glass ones were a pack of 4 for $3.50 however you can get the plastic ones for $0.60 if you'd prefer those)

Lastly you can optionally use twine to finish your giveaways off at about $5 for a 15 yr spool.

This brings your DIY to well under the $20 price mark - it just depends on how many you want to do. You can either do 8 ornaments or 4 jars - so it's up to you how you'd like to divide them up.

1. Begin by taking your container and adding a layer of chocolate chips to the bottom. Make sure they're mini so they fit in the ornament if you go this route.

2. Follow up with your hot chocolate mix. You can make your own mix or purchase some or even simply use cocoa powder if you want to reduce the amount of sugar. If you are using the jar fill it to about 3/4 full. If you choose the ornament route, use a funnel and fill about a maximum of half-way.

3. Add in some peppermint sprinkles. If you can't find any sprinkles, buy some candy canes and crush them in a plastic bag. If you're using the ornament continue to use the funnel for this step.

4. Lastly top off with some marshmallows. If you can find the super mini marshmallows I suggest buying those for the ornament. The mini ones work - just require a little bit of a shake to get out.

Once packaged you can adorn with some twine if you wish.

Now you can give them away to your teacher, colleagues, friends or family as a simple giveaway. The nice thing about a hand-made hot chocolate kit is there is so much thought and love put into it that whoever receives it will love it instantly!

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Thank you for reading/watching!