Ikea Snille Chair Upgrade

Hey Everyone! I really needed a desk chair and I saw one from Ikea that I liked the general look of but I found it looked a little lack luster so I wanted to upscale is slightly. This was possibly one of the easiest ways to upscale something but I am really happy with how it looks. I also really liked the look of the mixed textures. So in this DIY I will show you how I made my chair and the pillow. So let's get started.

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Baby Drool Bandana

Hey Everyone! I decided I would do a DIY for the moms out there for today's Ten Dollar Tuesday. I know that these are a super popular and a great way to keep the drool off your teething baby. They are also super easy to make and super cheap. So let's get started.

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Flap Shoulder Bag

 Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another Ten Dollar Tuesday, today we are making a do it yourself flap shoulder bag. This is a super easy diy and it looks stunning. Best of all it costs hardly anything! So let's get started!

Free Father's Day Printables

Hello Everyone! As promised I have another quick "DIY" for Father's Day. I use the term DIY loosely as they are simple little printable you can use for cards, tags, really anything you want. I made them in Adobe Illustrator and they are yours for the taking!

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Circle Skirt

Hey Everyone! Today I am showing you how to make an adorable and very in fashion circle skirt. The nice thing about this skirt is you can make it any length you'd like and with whatever fabric. It's also extremely easy and looks awesome! So let's jump right in!

Ten Dollar Tuesday: DIY Tote Bag

Hey Everyone! Today I decided I would make a really awesome tote bag that a beginner Sewer can do, that looks like something you purchased at a store. This DIY cost me next to nothing and I am so pleased with it. So let's get started!

Father's Day DIY: Keepsake Keychain

Hey Everyone! Since Father's Day is just around the corner I decided I would do a really awesome DIY that you can do at any age. The nice thing about this DIY is you can either use a piece of your own old artwork, as I did, or if you're doing this with your child they can draw something special for dad right then and there! So let's get started.