Ten Dollar Tuesday: Rock Accent Decor

Hey Everyone! This is a simple diy and it uses items that you can simply find outside, but it ends up looking like an amazing piece to add to your room. The nice thing about this is it's also only a few simple steps. So let's jump right in!

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Arrow Pillow

Hey Everyone! And welcome back to another Ten Dollar Tuesday! Today we are making a custom DIY Arrow Pillow. I really love the roughness and hand done look that this DIY achieved, and it fits perfectly with my decor. The nice thing about this is you can customize the look of the arrows and colours of the arrows. So let's get started.

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Cork Mouse Pad

Hey Everyone! For today's Ten Dollar Tuesday we are creating a nicer twist on the traditional mouse pad, because in reality they aren't the nicest of things. However this mouse pad is completely customizable to your decor and is very unique and chic. Did I mention it's also super easy and super quick!

Gold Leaf Hair Pins

Hello Everyone! I decided to make these adorable hair pins using the parts from my June Whimseybox. For those who don't know what Whimseybox is, they offer a monthly subscription box that provides you with amazing craft supplies to do a different DIY every month! This is an avid DIY-er or crafters dream! Below are links to supplies you can buy off their site to get everything you need for this DIY. These pins are seriously adorable and the amazing thing about leafing is you can do them in silver, copper, rose gold, or yellow gold! So you can really customize them to your own taste. So let's get started!

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Vintage Button Necklace

Hey Everyone and welcome back to another Ten Dollar Tuesday! I hope you're enjoying these as much as I am, I also find them challenging but the fact that they're simple and cost effective keeps me going! Today I decided to take some buttons I had lying around and turn them into necklaces! This is super cute and very unique, especially if you find some really awesome vintage buttons. So let's get started!

The Kelsey Diary - Paula's Choice Skincare Review

Hello Everyone! I decided I would be doing some lifestyle posts, because I want to share more of my life and the things I like with you. So I figured I recently tried out a new skincare brand and I was so excited I wanted to share my results with you. I plan on doing a lot more of these posts as they aren't as time consuming as DIY's and I will be able to write more often. Now don't take this as me stopping DIY's because I am most definitely not - I simply just want to share more with all of you lovely people.

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Braided Bracelets

Hey everyone! And welcome to today's Ten Dollar Tuesday! For today I decided I would do a little series of 3 and do 3 different braided bracelets. The nice thing about these is they are super easy and completely customizable! So let's get started.