Do It Yourself: Stud Earrings

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the lack of DIY last week, I had an exam so I put all my focus towards that. I will be posting a video and post about my upcoming trip back to school, as that will most likely effect my posts, however I will try my best to continue to bring you DIYs! On another note; this coming Saturday I will be going to FanExpo! I am extremely excited and will be vlogging so you can come with me, so look out for that in the upcoming weeks.

Now on to the DIY! This was supposed to be the last installment in the Back To School trilogy, but that failed (so I am back to the drawing board) and I bring you a super simple and super wonderful DIY! (My favourite kind of DIYs). Today we are going to be making your very own stud earrings out of an old necklace or beads. So let's get started!

Liebster Award

I feel so incredibly honored and ex-tactic to be nominated for a Liebster award! I began blogging when I was beginning to have a really rough time in my life, and it was my saving grace - blogging was something that I loved doing and it was my happy place when every where else seemed very dark.

For those who don't know the Liebster award is an award that is passed around the blogging community to those who have less than 300 followers(I changed my amount so I could nominate haha). This is a way for us bloggers to connect with one another in one of the best communities I have ever been apart of. So a huge thank you goes out to Sabrina from Morning Dear for the nomination. Seriously her blog is amazing! So please go and take a look.

Back To School Trilogy: DIY Notebooks (2-Ways)

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the second installment in my "Back To School" trilogy! I know some people have begun going back to school, but here in Canada we still have one more month of summer! For those who are already back- it's never to late to make your own supplies. This DIY is super simple, and although there seems to be a lot of supplies, they don't cost a lot. In this DIY I will be showing you how to make two different notebooks, one that you create completely yourself and another than you simply cover. So let's get started!

Back To School Trilogy: DIY Pencil Case

Welcome to the first DIY in my back to school trilogy! I will be releasing a blog post and video for back to school. I know some of you go back in August, so this may be cutting it a little close, but it's never too late for some DIY goodies! So let's get started with the first DIY and make ourselves an awesome wooden pencil case!