Do It Yourself: Revamped High Heels

Hello Everyone! Sorry for my DIY absence but as some of you know I had my wisdom teeth out and nobody tells ya it isn't just a two day thing. Anyway! I am back and bringing you a revamp of those scuffed high heels that you just cant part with. So let's jump right in!

Let's Go Time Travelling - A Fall Playlist

Hello Everyone! Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend Blogpodium this year because I had to get my wisdom teeth removed ASAP, which meant the exact same Saturday as Blogpodium. However instead on dwelling on the missed opportunity I made an amazing playlist of all my most listened to songs for the upcoming fall season. I decided that every season I would share a playlist that are songs that I like and want to share. The genres are all over the place and I really would love for this to be a discussion. This means I want you to contribute to my ever growing library. By contributing some of your favourites or links to playlists you have already made you are helping me find new and amazing music! So let's dive right in!

July Whimseybox - Unboxing & Craft With Me

Hello Everyone! So I received my box a little late in the mail, I just moved and my box was sent to my old address and she never told me that I had mail, so I am sorry that it's now September and I am talking about July, but these things happen. I decided I would do an unboxing, so you could see what comes in the box and have you craft with me the DIY that they sent us this month! It will just be a video, as they do send well written instructions but I will have some awesome links ... AND some money saving.

Fan Expo 2014 - My Experience

Hello Everyone! So this past Saturday I made my way to the Metro Toronto Convention Center for my first ever Fan Expo and spoilers! I loved it. I have wanted to go for a few years now and finally bought a ticket and made my way with a few friends. The experience was definitely surreal and I decided I would share my experience along with some tips for any first timers to Fan Expo.