Do It Yourself: Peppermint Bark

Hello Everyone! I am back with another holiday DIY! This time we are diving into the desserts with this sugary treat. I saw this at Starbucks and fell instantly in love and had to make some of my own. This treat is ridiculously simple and is a crowd pleasure. So let's get started.

Do It Yourself: Christmas Countdown Calendar

Hello Everyone! Today marks the first DIY for the holiday season and I figured there is no better way than with a Christmas Countdown Calendar (or Advent Calendar). This Calendar is nice because it is completely customizable and looks nicer than your traditional one. It also allows you to display it as a decor item! So let's get started.

Do It Yourself: Vintage Book Clutch

Hello Everyone! I am pleased to bring you this DIY that turned out amazing! I have been seeing these all over Etsy and they go for usually $150. When I saw that price tag I knew I had to DIY it. However I will say this - this DIY takes a long time, which explains the price. However it isn't hard and it requires no sewing (yay).

Do It Yourself: Metal Stamped Bracelet

Hello Everyone! I am back with another fun DIY! I have been wanting to do this forever so I am so excited that I finally did it and I am now sharing it with you. I will tell you that it is so easy BUT it does cost some money to invest but you can reuse everything afterward so that's pretty nifty! With all that being said let's jump right in to the DIY.

Do It Yourself: Cell Phone Cases

Hello Everyone! I am back with another DIY! I am trying to update at least every Sunday. I am currently going to school and working FT and I want to try to keep my blog up to date as I love it so much. I may however do some more personal posts and maybe some about PR, as that is what I am taking in school. Anyway back to the DIY-ing, I decided I would dabble in the cell phone case DIY, and I love them and they are ridiculously easy (yay!). So let's jump right in!