Do It Yourself: Elegent Chain Necklace

I am back with another jewelry DIY - these DIY's are not only easy but they look amazing. Plus it is something that gives you compliments every time you wear them. I recently say a post on Etsy of a necklace similar and fell in love - however the necklace was $50! It was at that point I decided I could make it and am showing you how to as well.

You Will Need:
• Chain (two types)
• Findings (loops and clasp)
• Jewelry Pliers

1. Begin by measuring out 3 strands of your middle chain. I used a rose gold and made each strand 2.5 inches long.

2. Once you have the strands, attach the ends together using a single loop.

3. An easy way to measure the length of your necklace is to take a piece of string and wrap it around your neck. Once you have the length - cut it in half. Take this piece and cut your two pieces of chain with it.

4. Once you have the two pieces of chain - attach one end of each to opposing ends of your middle chain's loop.

5. Once attached simply add a loop and a clasp to the end and you're finished.

I hope you enjoy this necklace. It is super simple but it looks incredibly elegant. As always send me photos of your creations as I love to see them.

Thanks for reading/watching!