Do It Yourself: Statement Necklace

Everyone should have at least one necklace in their collection that is a statement piece. Something to throw on to jazz up any outfit. That being said - how about instead of buying a statement piece you make one. This tutorial is super easy and by the end you will have your very own piece to add to your collection.

You Will Need:
• Beads (I used pearls of varying sizes - Michaels had a huge sale)
• Jewelry Pliers
• Clamper
• Bead ends
• Fine cord
• Findings (clasps and loops)
• Chain

1. Begin by planning out your necklace. Make sure as you go to take away some beads so your necklace lays nicely. The pattern I used was:

First Piece:
Black: 18 beads
Purple: 14 beads
White: 8 beads

Second Piece:
Black: 14 beads
Purple: 14 beads
White: 8 beads

Third Piece:
Black: 10 beads
Purple: 14 beads
White: 8 beads

2. Once you have your pattern. Knot one end of your cord and begin to string your beads in that order. Once finished tie another knot in the cord.

3. Take a bead end and place it over the knot you tied. Once the end covers the knot take your clamper and clamp the end onto the knot. Allow you to string your strands together and prevents your beads from following off.

4. Once you have done this to each end of your three strands - take a piece of chain and a loop and attach all pieces together. Do this for both ends.

5. Measure out the length you want your necklace and remove any excess chain. Once you have the length set - add a loop and a clasp.

And you're finished! As always send me your photos of your finished pieces and I will see you in the next one!

Thanks for reading/watching!