A Cozy Winter's Day

In the winter months there is nothing better than cuddling up with a good book and relaxing. If it was social acceptable I would hibernate but because it's not I have a few things that help get me through the winter months. Because ultimately in Canada I swear it's winter for 8 months and summer for 4 - so we definitely have to something in place.

When I get to just sit back and relax I need to wear something comfortable - so queue the leggings over sized sweater and socks. I tend to be cold constantly and this sweater actually makes me warm - sometimes too hot. I got this sweater at Target (don't get me started on how upset I am about Target Canada closing) and it was on sale just after Christmas. I am a huge fan of the big knit - it almost feels like wearing a giant blanket. My leggings are from H&M (nothing special - I wish they were thicker) and my socks were a gift from my parents for Christmas (who knew when you became an adult you'd actually appreciate socks for Christmas).

I feel as though environment is everything when you are having a cozy day. Personally I love cuddling up in bed with a good book, lighting my favourite candle and a cuppa tea. Currently I am reading #GIRLBOSS and I have to say I am loving it so far. It is never too far away from me and has led to some late nights because I couldn't put it down. I am also loving my Mango Sorbet candle from Fresh Scent (Target) it literally smells good enough to eat, it's a sweet scent but not sickly sweet so it's perfect for my bedside table. As for my tea - I take it black and will drink anything and everything, I really am not picky and it really depends on time of day and my mood.

Now I think honestly the most important part of your cozy day is a cozy blanket and bed. Nothing beats cuddling up in bed. At the moment I am in love with the "Venice" style sheet - where it is simply a comforter. I highly suggest investing in either a down or down alternative comforter - it is worth the money and they are ridiculously comfy! I just wrap myself in it like a cocoon and relax. I also love a good sheet set. I have found two different sheet sets from two companies that I absolutely adore so they can match whatever budget you are on.

If you are on a tight budget then you can purchase the Dvala from Ikea. It is a really nice shade of white and has a great weight to it. It's also not scratchy - which I find a lot of cheaper sheet sets are.

If you would like to invest in a really nice sheet set you can purchase one from Parachute Home. My personal favourite it the Venice. Can I just mention how absolutely amazing all of their bedding is? It is a little pricey but when you think about it - you use your bed every day for around 8 hours (if not more) so why not get a nice sheet set? You can also get a really nice duvet here (which I suggest you don't go cheap on this - save your pennies and get a really nice one, you will not regret it).

Finally, to complete my cozy day the vinyl has to be playing. I am partial to Frank Sinatra or The Ink Spots but even the newer vinyl albums are amazing. There is something about listening to your favourite music on a record player that is an amazing an relaxing experience.

Essentially this is my formula for a relaxing day:

Comfortable Clothes + Tea + Good Book + Amazing Bed + Candle + Vinyl Record = PURE RELAXATION.

How do you get cozy in the winter? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!