Do It Yourself: Concrete Planters

Hello Everyone! I hope February has been treating you well. I have a bunch of exciting DIY's planned in the next little while and I cannot wait to share them with all of you. Today I will be showing you how to turn concrete into a planter. I will say that this DIY isn't necessarily hard but it's not necessarily easy either. So lets get started.

You Will Need:
• Quick Set Concrete (Available at any hardware store - you will need some supplies for this as well, please follow the instructions on your box)
• Paint
• Cardboard
• Duck Tape
• Knife

1/ Begin by making your molds for your concrete. I will have a downloadable template for my geometric one, and the other I simply used a milk container. Layer duck tape on the inside of your cardboard mold. This will make it more water proof and will allow your concrete the proper moisture.

2/ Once you have covered your entire piece fold it together and tape with duck tape. Make sure to have a nice seal. I recommend using a lot of tape - better more than not enough.

3/ You will also need insides of your containers. You can either make cardboard molds or use containers that are okay to destroy after.

4/ Once you have your molds begin making your concrete. Be sure to follow the instructions on this carefully.

5/ Once it's all mixed, pour into your molds or scoop, whatever is easier. Fill half way and place your middle. Once placed, fill the rest of your mold.

6/ Let dry for 48 hours then remove your outside mold and inside. Let this sit for one week.

7/ Once you have let it sit for a week you can paint it or leave it. I wanted mine white so I painted them white and added a gold accent to my cube one.

8/ Let these dry for 24 hours and pot your plant.


I hope you enjoy this DIY and I will see you in the next one!