Do It Yourself: Felt Ball Garland featuring Pippin Pops

Hey Everyone! I am here along with Pippin Pops to bring you a tutorial to how you can make your very own felt ball garland. Not only is this easy to achieve but it looks absolutely adorable. It would be perfect as an accent to your decor, on your fireplace or even in a child's room. Pippin Pops offers so many colours and collections that you can have a different garland colour scheme every month. I will be working with them to bring you some amazing felt ball tutorials. If there is a particular item you are interested in seeing how to do, please let us know. I will leave a link to the Pippin Pops store and social media at the end of the post. So let's get started.

You Will Need:
• String
• Scissors
• A Yarn Needle (look for one with a larger eye)
• Felt Balls from Pippin Pops
• Pliers (this makes life easier)

1 | Begin by threading your string onto your needle. This is where a needle with a larger eye comes in handy.

2 | Before you begin, your felt balls may be slightly squished in shipping. Simply roll in your hands and mold back into round balls. They pop back into their shape quite easily.

3 | Once set begin to thread your garland by threading the needle through the middle of the felt ball. You may need pliers to get the eye of the needle through. Once the needle is through, push the felt ball down your string. There is no need to knot as the ball does not moved unless physically moved.

4 | Continue this step and thread your garland. The pattern and spacing are completely up to you. A quick way to measure is to use your two fingers as a guide.

5 | Continue these steps until your have your desired length and simply snip off the end.

Now you can hang your lovely garland and fall in love with how adorable it looks in your space. I am already obsessed with it and trying to think of more things I can make with these. My cat is also a huge fan (I am considering making him a toy out of them).

Below are some links where you can purchase these amazing and versatile felt balls as well as connect with Misty, Pippin Pops owner.

 Pippin Pops Shop | Link
Facebook | Link
Instagram | Link

Thank you for watching/reading!