Do It Yourself: Jewelry Display Crate

I am sure some of you have noticed I make a lot of jewelry. They are my absolute favourite DIY's to do. They're easy, they can be quick and you can wear them for the world to see. That being said - I own a lot of jewelry (A girl can never have enough) but didn't have anywhere to display it. Queue the DIY! I took a simple crate and transformed it into a jewelry display that is so easy to make but looks amazing. So let's get started.

You Will Need:
• Wooden Crate (size will depend on your space, I got a half crate that was $6 from Michaels)
•  Wood Stain (I got mine from Michaels in the shade Kono)
• Brass Screw Hooks (only $1 from Home Depot)
• Sandpaper
• Cardboard Boxes (Mine were 3 inches tall - intended for gift boxing but now they are jewelry holding, I also got these from Michaels - can you tell I shop there a lot? haha)
• Glass Cabinet Knobs (Good Ol' Canadian Tire had these for $5)
• Hammer and Nail (makes life easier)

1/ Start by prepping your crate for staining. This means sandpaper and lots of it. Crates aren't made from the nicest wood necessarily so there will be a lot of rough patches. Do your best to get these fairly smooth and brush off the dust.

2/ Let the staining begin! This can seem intimidating at first but staining is so ridiculously easy (painting is harder than staining). Begin by taking a brush or rag and drag the stain over one area in thin and even strokes. Once your small area is covered, take a dry rag and wipe off. Don't let your stain just sit there. Continue around your entire piece and let dry for at least 2 hours before doing another coat. Once set let dry overnight.

3/ Once dried you can begin to add your hooks. Now I eye balled mine for spacing but used a ruler to ensure they were straight going across. If you have trouble eyeballing things my first hook is 1 inch away from the edge then it's 2 inches, 2 inches, 2 inches and 1 inch. Now to make your life easier and your wood in one piece (no splitting please) mark your holes with a push pin and then take a hammer and nail to start the hole. This will make screwing your hooks in easier and no splitting wood (yay).

4/ Now get screwing! Try to make your hooks face the same way so that it looks more unison and professional because ultimately we want our DIY to look store bought right?

5/ I wanted to include some boxes so that I could store more pieces, like I said before I had a lot. I didn't however want them to just be plain old boxes (so I added the knob - cute right?). You may need to buy smaller screws for this - mine were way too long for a box. Begin by marking your hole with a pencil. Next take your push pin and poke a hole straight through your box. Then make the hole bigger with a nail and then a pencil. At this point simply stick your screw through and tighten your knob and you're done! That knob isn't going anywhere.

6/ Lastly place your boxes in your crate and display your jewelry!

I really love how rustic the piece looks, and it looks fantastic on my dresser beside my typewriter - they really accent each other well. As always I hope you enjoyed this DIY and please share any photos of your own DIY creations.

Thanks for reading/watching!