Do It Yourself: Valentines Themed Graphic Tees

Hello Everyone! I am really excited about this DIY because not only did they turn out amazing (I have worn a few already)but this DIY is also in collaboration with The Sorry Girls. If you have never watched any of The Sorry Girls DIY's you are seriously missing out. They make amazing things and their costume tutorials are out of this world. Did I mention they are also Canadian? I will be linking their Valentines themed video at the end of this post. Today I will be showing you how to make your own graphic tee. I decided I would make two that are not valentines day theme - as I am sure that like me some of you may not be so into valentines day. I tried to keep them very loved base so anyone can enjoy it. So lets get started.

I decided I would show you how to do your shirt two different ways. One doing it by hand and one simply using iron on transfers. Both ways look awesome and it really depends how much time you want to spend on each. I will start with the hand painted one.

You Will Need:
• A shirt (I got all mine at H&M)
• Paintbrush
• Pencil
• Fabric Paint (I got mine at Michaels)

1/ Start by printing out the design you wish to paint onto your shirt.

2/ Slide your printed sheet under your shirt. It is best if your shirt is a lighter colour. If not simply trace the reverse side of your word with chalk and lightly press to transfer onto your shirt. Once you have your printout under your shirt take your pencil and trace your word onto the shirt.

3/ Once traced you can begin to paint. Take your time with this to ensure accuracy.

4/ Once you are finished painting let your shirt sit for 4 hours to dry. Next to set my particular paint I needed to steam over the design with your iron. Be sure to follow your paint instructions carefully in order to ensure a long lasting design.

Next is the iron transfer method. This method is a lot easier and you have a lot more freedom of design.

You Will Need:
• Iron-on Transfers
• Pillow Case
• Parchement Paper
• Iron

1/ Begin by printing your design on your transfer. For transfers for white you will need to print reverse for dark transfers you can print as is. I have included both down below to download.

2/ Transfers on dark will have white appear on the shirts - so be cautious of this fact. My recommendation is to cut as closely as you can to your design before transferring.

3/ Once cut out you can begin adhesion. Lay an unwrinkled pillow case on a hard surface. Next put your design where you want it on your shirt. The dark transfers I bought came with parchment paper but if they don't simply use your own and lay this over top of the design.

4/ Using firm pressure begin to iron. Make sure you are covering all the area. For my particular designs you will want to iron for about a minute. Make sure not to burn your designs.

5/ Let sit to cool completely.

6/ Once cooled completely peel off the upper layer to reveal your design.

My "Bite Me" stuck to my iron and had a bit of an accident but I still love it. That is why I highly recommend putting something on top so you don't have the same issue.


Be sure to check out The Sorry Girls video as well and be sure to subscribe. They took the traditional conversational hearts and made them into adorable pillows. They also made mini valentines. These girls are seriously talented so check them out.

I hope you enjoy this DIY and I will see you in the next one!