Do It Yourself: Faux Metal Dish

Hello Everyone! I am back with another DIY. As you may of noticed I have a lot of jewelry and no where to put it so I decided after making the crate DIY, see that here, I needed a little dish to keep my rings either beside my bed or beside my sink when I needed to wash my hands. I then made this cute little dish and made it look like hammered metal and I love it. Now I will show you how to make your own.

You Will Need
• Polymer Clay
• Small Bowl/Dish
• Water
• Paint
• Cup

1 | Begin by warming up the clay in yours hands. Roll and twist until you have a nice malleable ball. To help with smoothness of your clay wet your finger periodically.

2 |  Take your clay and either a rolling pin or bottle or cup and roll it out until about 1/4 inch thick. Once rolled out take your cup (or a cookie cutter if you have one big enough) and cut out a circle out of your clay.

3 | Take your small dish a wet the inside. Then lay your circle clay piece inside and smooth the clay up the edges. This won't give you the full roundness of a bowl but will create edges. I left mine very rough looking to mimic hammered metal. If you desire, you can stamp a design like I did into your clay now.

4 | Heat your oven to 275 (or whatever your clay says) and bake for 15 minutes. Once finished let cool for one hour before painting.

5 | Begin to paint, be sure to use multiple coats. It took me 3-4 coats before I was happy. Let dry for one hour and you're set.

I really love the simplicity to this DIY and I love the hand made feel to it. It's not perfect and I love that about it.

Thanks for reading/watching!