Do It Yourself: Feather Hoop Earring

Hello everyone! Ever since I chopped off my hair I have been obsessed with earrings, so I couldn't wait to make myself and adorable pair of hoops. I am currently wearing them in my lobes, but I definitely want to wear this in my cartlidge as well. If you do not have your ears pierced you can use this technique to make wine glass ornaments. So let's begin!

You Will Need:
• Thin Wire
• Feather Charm
• Wire Clippers
• Jewelry Pliers
• Foam Brush

1 | Begin by cutting your wire to about 3 inches long. This will give you plenty to work with.

2 | Take your foam brush and wrap your wire around to create a perfect circle shape. I choose the foam brush because it was the ideal size, you can adjust this to your preference.

3 | Remove your wire from your brush handle and you should have a nice circle. Next take your pliers and fold over one end of the circle to make a small loop. This loop shouldn't be round but more a slim almond shape. This will be the backer of your earring.

4 | With the other end, bend at 90 degrees. Cut off any excess wire here. I left mine only 1/8 long.

5 | Lastly string on your feather charm and wear!

The backing allows your earring to be secure and it will not fall off your ear and you will not loose your charm. You can use this and even take off your charm and make a simple hoop. It's amazing all the things you can do with wire.

Thanks for watching/reading!