Do It Yourself: Two-Tone Wall Clock

Hello everyone! For today's DIY I am going to show you how to make your very own two-tone wall clock. I got this inspiration from a clock I saw on Anthropologie and I knew I immedietly wanted to DIY it, as I cannot at this time justify spending $150 on a clock. The colours you choose are completely up to you and you can really do anything to match your own style. I originally wanted to do half copper but because of my clock hands center I opted for gold. So without further adieu lets begin!

You Will Need:
• Circle Clock Base (I got mine at Michaels, already pre-cut with a hole in the center)
• Clock Hands (again I got mine at Michaels, make sure you buy one that is long enough to grow through the center)
• Gold Spray Paint
• 3 Shades of Grey Paint
• White Paint
• Soft Paint Brush
• Foam Paint Brush
• Sea Sponge
• Painters Tape
• Feather (optional)

1 | Begin by taping off one half of your clock. Make sure the entire half is covered to avoid getting any spray paint onto the area.

2 | In a well ventilated area spray your clock with thin and multiple coats. Let this dry overnight.

3 | Once dry you can begin to paint the other side. I opted to do a stone like texture. This essentially takes a lot of layering and soft brushing. To begin paint your entire half with white paint, I used a foam brush to do this. Once completely white, let this dry for 2 hours. 

4 | Begin by taking your darkest grey and a feather and using the side of the weather drag it across to create a vein like texture. Next take your sea sponge and dab a mix of your mid and light grey and begin going across the entire area. Once you have a good amount covered, brush off with the soft brush so nothing is harsh. Continue this technique until you're happy with the look.

5 | Attach your clock arms (follow the instructions) and hang.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I cannot wait to hang it in my office. If you prefer to add numbers simply buy a stencil and paint on the numbers. I personally like the look without them.

Thank you for reading/watching!