Do It Yourself: Elegent Chain Rings

Hello Everyone! Spring is underway and I find I want to wear more elegant and laid back jewelry. I have seen this in many jewelry shops and I couldn't wait to make some of my own. Today I will show you how you can easily make your own chain rings and add a little flair.

You Will Need:
• Chain
• Wire Loops
• Beads
• Jewelry Pliers

1 | To make the charms begin by taking a wire loop and string on your beads. Next take your pliers and place them close to the base of the bead. Next wrap the wire completely around the plier and back towards it's beginning. Wrap the wire around slightly and cut. You have now done some bead wirering and have a piece to attach to your ring!

2 | Roughly hold your bead you just made onto your finger to see where it sits, next take some chain and wrap it around to fill in the blanks, mark and open one loop of chain to remove it from the strand. Keep this loop open and attach it to one end of your bead. Close the loop.

3 | Open a loop on the other side and attach it to the other end of your bead. Close the loop. You've officially created one style of a chain ring!

4 | For a simple chain, simply open one loop like you did before to remove it from the strand. Leave it open and attach it to the beginning of your freshly detached chain. Close the loop and voila! Super easy!

5 | For some tricky chain, I used a loop, normally used for clasps and make it my focal point. Creating a very minimalistic ring that I am loving.

Be sure to show me all of your chain rings! I would love to see them.

Thanks for watching/reading!